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 TERBARU....cheat PB november 2010

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PostSubyek: TERBARU....cheat PB november 2010   Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:33 am

Yesterday I had to give the cheat Point Blank, too, but this time I will give you the cheat again. I really do not love the game but the world's hottest topic this game is point blank and a lot of devotees are growing every day, therefore I follow its development to improve SERP of this site.

You are still confused with how the setting RPE, in Point Blank? I'm eager to share the little that I know and I have tried and my friend tried to succeed as well, but his SS from the site!

You need to know the material you need to prepare in advance is as follows:

* CCleaner
* RPE-redox-Editor (gaming fans certainly had a point blank all right)
* Netframework 4.0 (your own search on google or in direct direct microsoft and do not forget you install it?)
* ALT + TAB no DC (which is also of course you also have the right)

Now have a complete set of materials of all, continue to live just how I run. Just go into ways we run it, namely as next :

1. Run CCleaner first
2. Then you do not forget to turn off all security on the computer / PC or your laptop.
3. Then you run the RPE directly from file and do not remember the file extract it?

if the second phase has been applied to your right, then we drove to the next stage of her RPE settings.

* First you activate all filters, check the icon to normal active filters and active filters costum (you can see screenshoot below:)

Cheat Point Blank GB EXP With RPE By Alexa-com Weblog

* Activating WIsock 1.1 degan how to open the option> settings> check all options (else in blank)

Cheat Point Blank

* Enable Stealth with how to open the option> driver settings> Check the Hide option RPE, no notice click OK / yes.


* CLOSE Pup-pup imaginable!
* PB jaln who already can not ALT TAB
* Longin PB No. with Mode Launcher
* Create a room Lux / hospital three rounds 3 minutes and select CT side, who want to char the JDI Tero GB
* Turn the SELECT INTO RPE and select Process> Open Process> tick the option KelnsertQueueApc (ring0)> highlight PointBlank.exe> injek

Cheat Point Blank GB EXP With RPE

* Back to PB And tell Tero pair player back to the bomb and press the start pda RPE and RPE
* Time bomb attached press stop pda RPE
* wait will appear data window, search dgan package size 21 kb, on right-click the package 21 kn
* Send a appear window, setting first choice> timer made 10> inscrease 1603 bytes made hold press send
* After one minute is (-) and then press setop
* Back to the PB, then tunnel Suicides in shoot up Dead
* Play again round the same with craft
* DC because BT / SE / with HOW TO overcome the STEP-STEP repeat what I explained earlier had.

download linknya ???? jadi member dulu ..

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TERBARU....cheat PB november 2010
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